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Pixeletta Consultations has been offering digital marketing services for over 12 years. The founder, Margarita Benyammine, started webdesigning at twelve years of age and became fascinated with html, css and photoshop. By 16, she had signed on her first webdesign client and continued to grow from there, becoming sought after and in demand for her skills, vision and wit.

In 2014, Ahmad Mouzkzak joined the company and used his business savvy to help the company grow. Now, in 2019, both partners have decided to expand their services once again and provide even more to their clients.

Pixeletta Consultations offers digital ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), social media management and engagement, website design (e-commerce, too), search engine optimization, blogging, content writing, business plan writing, graphic design and custom services for clients' special needs.

Pixeletta Consultations is pleased to offer over a decade of excellent service and commitment to our clients.

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Pixeletta Consultations is proud to offer a variety of digital marketing services to our clients. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions. 

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